The 8th Transnational Project Meeting for the DIGICULT project was held last Friday, marking a productive session filled with discussions and updates. New partners Sofia Eriksson Bergström from NCK and Neringa from EMUNDUS joined the meeting, bringing fresh perspectives.

DIGICULT E-Learning Pathway and Validation

Alexandros Mikellides from DIGIPRO presented an update on piloting in Sweden and Cyprus. Partners also received updates on progress in other countries involved in the project. This session facilitated a valuable exchange of information and experiences regarding the eLearning pathway’s implementation.

DIGICULT Educational Game

The meeting delved into the exciting realm of the DIGICULT educational game. Alexandros Mikellides from DIGIPRO presented a detailed plan for activities related to PR3, complete with a GANTT chart for clear visualization. This comprehensive plan outlines the development process for the game and ensures transparency amongst partners.

Collaboration on PR3

Partners emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts for PR3. Building upon the successes of PR1 and PR2, the group acknowledged the need to leverage the DIGIPRO proposal as a foundation for further development. A kick-off meeting with the PR3 core partners to solidify the game’s concept will be held to establish the next steps and ensure efficient workload distribution amongst all partners.

Looking Ahead

The 8th Transnational Project Meeting served as a springboard for continued progress on the DIGICULT project.  With new partners joining the initiative and a focus on collaboration, the project is well-positioned for the future.

The upcoming Multiplier Event in Lithuania and the LTTA for trainers in Sweden are anticipated milestones that will further propel the project’s objectives.

Please visit the link here for further information on the DIGICULT project and its ongoing progress.