The FUNecole® eLearning Solution

FUNecole® is a cloud-based resource solution, packed with engaging multi-media and standards-based curricula for grades 1–6. As a project-based interdisciplinary program, FUNecole® incorporates components of STREAMS (Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineering, Arts, Math and Social sciences), Digital Literacy, Computer Science/coding, 21st Century Skills and Social Emotional Learning. FUNecole® is compatible and is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device, with an internet connection. All the material is delivered through the FUNecole® learning platform and is available for a yearly subscription fee per-student.

It is a systemic school-wide solution that fosters a disruptive transformation of Elementary education toward global collaboration and social cohesion. The FUNecole® turnkey eLearning solution has been successfully deployed in the educational market since 2005. The FUNecole® themed lessons encourage students to “see” the wider picture, pinpoint opportunities, think critically and creatively, take risks, collaborate, make connections, imagine, discover, solve problems and strive for higher achievements. FUNecole® incorporates Science, Technology, Reading & Writing, Engineering, Arts, Math and Social Sciences in the FUNecole® dynamic STREAMS approach. The FUNecole® Social-Emotional Learning component nurtures students’ self-awareness, self-confidence, and decision making.

The FUNecole® solution enables teachers to tailor the instructions and the resources to gradually build-up student’s higher-order thinking skills (e.g. effectiveness and efficiency in coping with unknown or unfamiliar problems).  The FUNecole® Analytics provide valuable insight for teachers to differentiate and personalize instruction in real time. Furthermore, the FUNecole® development team continuously improves and upgrades the solution and offers state of the art agile and relevant learning experiences to all the stakeholders.

Recent FUNecole® school case studies clearly demonstrate an overall performance improvement of 74% in the development of 21st century/ Social Emotional Learning skills. As for the Computer Science and Digital Literacy skills, students were able to complete more difficult tasks in less time with less guidance, illustrating an 82% proficiency skill increase. In in schools in the USA, there is a 50% decrease in the need for Tier II behavior plans. These results clearly prove that student behavior and class engagement and participation improve dramatically.

FUNecole® has been a recognized good practice in Innovative Learning and Creative Teaching by the JRC/IPTS of European Commission since 2010, endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations for the Cambridge ICT Starters Qualifications since 2012, and received a Seal of Alignment by the International Standards in Technology in Education ISTE in 2018, 2020 and 2023.


Seal of Alignment ISTE Standards for Students

Analysed as a BEST PRACTICE in "Creative and Innovative Good Practices in Compulsory Education"

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Organisation (MIE)

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