K-12 Education

Leaders in Education

Following FUNecole's unique curriculum students will develop essential critical thinking and creativity skills and will also develop the essential ICT competence in order to follow later more advanced ICT subjects


A comprehensive digital learning solution for teaching and assessing Computer Science, Digital Literacy, Social-Emotional (SEL), and 21st Century skills in primary education (1-6)​


This course enables students to design, construct and program their own robots through activities that combine education and fun.

Programming for kids using C#, Java, Prolog and HTML​

This course is teaching the kids the basic techniques of programming, algorithms and how to recognize the different categories of programming paradigms like sequential, object-oriented, logic, and event-driven programming

Programming Principles using C++

This course demonstrates through hands-on experience how to develop programs in C++. Students learn the basic principles of programming

G.C.E A levels

The aim of the A Level Computing syllabus is to develop an understanding of how computers are used to solve a wide range of problems. ​