Erasmus Plus KA1

Erasmus+ 2021-2027

For the three action areas – education and training, youth and sport, the main specific objectives of the Erasmus+ programme are the following:

  • promote learning mobility of individuals and groups in the field of education and training
  • promote non-formal and informal learning mobility and active participation among young people in the field of youth
  • promote learning mobility of sport staff

The programme also aims to achieve cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of organisations and policies in the field of education and training, youth and sport. Further to that, Erasmus+ will support teaching, learning, research and debates on European integration matters, including on the Union’s future challenges and opportunities through the so-called “Jean Monnet actions”.

Erasmus+ 2021-2027 will be much more inclusive by offering access to learners in higher or general education, vocational education or training, adult education, non-formal learning, youth and active participation activities. It will also facilitate the participation of small scale and grassroots organisations, and people with fewer opportunities, including people with disabilities and migrants, as well as EU citizens living in remote areas. The inclusiveness of the programme is also strengthened by the provisions on virtual learning and measures such as language supportpreparatory visits, training and virtual cooperation for people who are unable to participate in learning mobility in the field of education and training, youth and sport.

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