We’re excited to announce that DIGIPRO is now leading the final phase of the DIGICULT project – the creation of the Digicult educational game! This game will be centred on the development of contents and competencies acquired during the DIGICULT pathway.


The virtual game will be based on some of the concepts learned and addressed (such as digital tools, storytelling, cultural heritage interpretation, management and related cultural jobs) according to a creative, playful and entirely digital methodology. Once designed, the virtual game will undergo a test: it will be tested by a target group, selected among all VET learners, as well as by external focus groups made up of a sample of students and trainers potentially interested in using it.


At the end of the project, following the definition of a specific protocol, the virtual game will be made available and freely accessible on the DIGICULT website. It will be an online multilanguage game (will be available in English, Croatian, Italian, Lithuanian, Swedish, and Greek) so it could reach a wide public as well as stakeholders, who can make use of it or take inspiration from it.


The Benefits of Gamification

Studies have shown that gamification techniques can significantly enhance learner motivation.

By incorporating game elements, the DIGICULT project aims to:

  • Increase learner attention and focus on content.
  • Encourage learners to dedicate more time to exploring cultural heritage topics.
  • Foster a creative and engaging learning environment.


Stay tuned for further updates on the game’s progress and its eventual release!