The DIGICULT project reached a pivotal point today with the successful completion of its tenth transnational meeting!  This virtual session, led by DIGIPRO, serves as the final remote gathering before our teams convene in Turin next May.  The focus of this meeting was two-fold:

  • DIGICULT GAME Development: With the finish line in sight, the team is diligently finalizing the DIGICULT GAME. This represents the culmination of 30 months of intense collaboration amongst all partners.
  • Final Multiplier Event Planning: The gears are already in motion for the project’s grand finale: a multiplier event designed to widely disseminate the impressive results achieved throughout the DIGICULT project’s lifespan.

This productive meeting serves as a springboard for the upcoming in-person gathering in Turin.

The opportunity to connect face-to-face with all partners and celebrate the collective achievements of the DIGICULT project is highly anticipated.

Stay tuned for exciting updates on the DIGICULT GAME’s launch and the details surrounding the much-awaited multiplier event!

Please visit the link here for further information on the DIGICULT project and its ongoing progress.