We are glad to announce the participation of Mrs Chryso Christodoulou at the program “Think Tank on Global Education” which was organised by Harvard University



Think Tank on Global Education engages participants in the active and critical examination of global competency and the practice of global education. You will consider the role of curriculum, pedagogy and instructional materials; assess methods for engaging and connecting students globally; and learn how to create shared global learning experiences for students.

By attending this program you will understand how to:

  • Build a coherent vision for global education at the school and district levels
  • Generate buy-in among critical stakeholders
  • Transition from individual initiatives to coherent whole-school efforts
  • Bring these efforts to scale

Through case discussions, consultations and lectures, you will work directly with leading scholars, policy makers and fellow participants about what works well in global education and the critical work to be done to make education more relevant to students, communities and our increasingly global environment.

In order for students to understand and address the multifaceted global challenges and opportunities they will face, today’s educators must create opportunities for students to develop intercultural awareness, knowledge and perspective on global issues, and multilingualism. Global education, a specialized body of knowledge and practice aimed at fostering this competency, is increasingly important in our interconnected world.