Educational researches has shown the importance of parental involvement in the learning process, but also to the positive cooperation with the school. The third workshop moved towards this direction presenting educational material that has been developed based on the needs and requirements for effective cooperation of teachers and parents. The workshop was part of education for school development and innovation, given that parental involvement in school can have multiple benefits for the overall development of schools. This workshop was connected with the ODS project in three different ways: schools of ODS, the online communities of the portal and all the relevant information in the “Educational Academies” of ODS.


Workshop Outline

  • Presentation of ODS
  • Presentation of educational materials (e-parenting, FUNecole®)
  • Online communities portal
  • Questions



  • Mrs Chryso Christodoulou(Designer and Author of FUNecole®)
  • Mr Alexandros Kofteros (Doctoral Student / Research Assistant)




Workshop Photos