The first session of Foster Productivity & Growth Potential With Innovative Customer Service Delivery was completed... We will see you all again on December 18!


The objective of the two-day training would be to help participants understand how to identify and implement innovative ideas to improve their customer servicing models so that their service delivery keeps customers satisfied while the firm makes a profit.

In order to achieve this objective, customer service delivery will be evaluated from three different angles, the firm’s proposition, the customer journey and the cost to deliver. Below the key learning outcomes are identified:

  • Understand how to identify,
  • analyse and prioritise customer segments to optimize the value proposition
  • Learn how to use social media and a web-side as a channel of delivery
  • Learn how to measure the critical success factors in delivering the customer promise and how to manage performance
  • Understand how to assess customer expectations and how to identify and fill gaps of expected service vs. delivered service
  • Learn how to innovate by improving/creating value-add activities/features

Customer Servicing December 2015 session 1