The Erasmus+ DIGICULT project recently held its second transnational meeting in Dublin on May 3rd and 4th, 2022. The two-day meeting was hosted by the partner Ballymun Job Center, in addition to sharing information on the first results of the project and the progress of planned activities.

Digipro and other partners involved in DIGICULT used the meeting to share information on the project’s initial results and progress made on planned activities. Discussions also focused on outlining the future plans and necessary actions within existing initiatives to ensure the project achieves its stated goals.

DIGICULT is carried out by partnering with 9 organisations from 6 European countries: Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Croatia, and Sweden. It is a 2-year project, started in January 2022 and ending by June 2024, leaving a lasting impact on how cultural heritage education is delivered across Europe.

Please visit the link here for further information on the DIGICULT project and its ongoing progress.