We are grateful for all schools participating in another innovative seminar at Hilton Cyprus 03 and 04 Apr 2017. The 21st-century educational environment calls for critical thinking, creative expression, and collaborative problem-solving. The challenge is to reinvent the education ecosystem and re-empower teachers to be more open and innovative while using practices for richer and more engaging and motivating learning.

Over the last several decades, the industrial business model has shifted to knowledge-based economy. Companies’ organizational structures are now less hierarchical and more collaborative. They fully incorporate the latest technological innovations and are equipped with transparent communication processes that facilitate knowledge management. The entire workforce is now responsible for productivity, innovation and business performance excellence.

Meanwhile, most students have to “power down” when they enter school environments, which are ill equipped to meet their learning styles and technological prowess. Young people need to be equipped early on with the skills for employment. Successful companies require workforce with a “global mind set” ready to take on the complex, interconnected, multicultural, high-skill and high-tech jobs.