Digipro Computer Consultants Ltd successfully organized the above seminar on 16- 17 of December 2014 at Elias beach Hotel, Limassol with Dr Natasa Christodoulidou and Professor Orie Berezan.

Each participating company will be offered an on-site presentation of a shortened version of the programme, tailored to the specific needs of the firm.

Aim of this program:

Digital strategy focuses on organizations in the hospitality and tourism industry and small and micro tourism businesses (SMTBs) can leverage digital platforms in optimizing their market mix and gaining a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving business landscape. These ‘new age’ tools include the internet and mobile devices, which together are changing the concepts of time, distance, experience, and the way in which individuals socially connect with one another and with organizations.

Success in DIGITAL requires exposure to a range of concepts and techniques including (though not restricted to) search engine optimization, disintermediation, paid search marketing, digital marketing channels and co-branding strategies. It is also important to know when to select a specific combination of these mixes. Similarly, to make a website or social media platform more effective requires knowledge of a range of success factors for traffic building including accessibility, data integration and content, usability, persuasion and visual design. The importance of leveraging distribution channels in engaging with guests and visitors and achieving conversions enabled by digital convergence platforms, in particular, the Social Local Mobile (SoLoMo) trinity needs to be noted as much as the emerging trends in shared.