We want to congratulate our students for landing once again an excellent academic performance in May/June 2013 Cambridge International GCE A Level Computing 9691 examinations. Empowered with commitment, competence and hard work, these students have managed to prove their sky-high calibre by securing top grades and significant achievements. Digipro Training Centre takes pride in undertaking the responsibility to successfully guide and coach these students through their trip in the computing world.

Quick facts:

– Digipro students achieved six (6) A* grades in A Level Computing while the rest of students in Paphos private institutes (CY008) achieved none.

– An amazing thirty percent (30%) of Digipro students achieved an A* grade, fifty percent (50%) achieved an A or above grade while eighty five (85%) secured a B or above grade.

– An outstanding number of six (6) fifteen year-old students (i.e. born in 1998) and eight (8) sixteen year-old students (i.e. born in 1997) have managed to successfully complete A level Computing (with top grades), a subject where traditionally seventeen-nineteen (17-19) year-old students compete in.

– In previous examinations two Digipro students had managed to consecutively secure the highest grades in Cyprus for A/AS Level Computing in June 2011 (Gianni Zinonas – Highest Mark in Cyprus – AS Level) and June 2012 (Gianni Zinonas – Highest Mark in Cyprus – A Level, Sophocleous Periklis – Highest Mark in Cyprus – AS Level) examinations.

Cambridge International GCE A/AS Level Computing – June 2013 Examinations Results
Digipro Students (A* to B)

Cambridge International GCE A Level Computing – June 2013 Examinations
British Council Paphos (CY008) Comparative Results

Source: British Council Cyprus / Exam Results

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