Once again Digipro’s students overall performance places them in a significant position amongst Cyprus’s largest British Council Centres of Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos, hence leading the grade scoreboard in a pan-Cyprian level.

A Level Computing Summary:

  • Digipro students achieved a 77% percentage of A* and A grades. The rest of Cyprus* percentage managed to reach 34%.
  • Digipro’s (13) students succeeded (in a total of 66 students) two (2) A* grades out of three (3) pan-Cyprian* and eight (8) A grades out of eighteen (18) pan-Cyprian*, which calculates to a share of 66% and 44% respectively of the A* and A grades in Cyprus*.

AS Level Computing Summary:

  • Digipro students secured a 70% percentage of A to C grades. The rest pan-Cyprian* percentage only reached 44%.
  • None of Digipro students were evaluated as UNGRADED (U) in comparison to the 24% pan-Cyprian* percentage in U grades.

* Between private institutes of British Council Centres Paphos (CY008), Limassol (CY004) and Nicosia (CY006)

Source: British Council Cyprus

Source: Cambridge International Examinations