A big thank you to all participated companies! More to come... Following the workshop there will be a 4 hour on-site visit to each of the attending companies by Mr Philippe Leliaert.


  • Review the existing management reporting and identify its strengths and weaknesses;
  • Review and discuss the business’s opportunities for cost/waste reduction and productivity improvements; incl. a quick walk-through of some main business processes;
  • Develop in further detail company actions identified during the workshop;
  • Discuss implementation issues, including how to integrate innovative business practices so as to ensure business performance excellence.
  • Provide additional recommendations.

This amounts to high-level consulting advice that is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation and may be discussed in full confidentiality rather than in the open forum of the workshop.

Mr Philippe Leliaert will subsequently write a extensive report summarising the main discussion points and including recommendations and suggestions for further consideration by the management. This report may also include recommendations regarding additional training and development actions that the company’s management should consider to further strengthen its human capital.

Participated Companies

  • CTCT Constructions Ltd
  • R. Agrotis Travel ltd
  • LUKOIL Κυριάκος Λάρδος Λτδ
  • Visteria Ltd
  • Propanic Ltd
  • English Learning Center
  • Makkas Winery
  • Vouni Panayia winery
  • Desway Graphic & Advertising Design Studio
  • Polychemie Ltd

Lean Management - Paphos, Fall 2015