Free Summer Workshops

Friday, 15 April 2011, 12:19

Digipro® is organising free workshops for pre-school and primary school children. These workshops, are expected to lead the children to acquire experience, knowledge, ideas, concepts, rules and behavior means from pleasant teaching practices.

Preschool to First Grade of Primary School Children.

Within these workshops the small graduates of pre-school that expected to attend the first grade of primary school will have the opportunity to:

  • Be involved in creative activities which will help their smooth integration to the philosophy of the primary school.
  • Learn how to adapt to the new rules of the primary school
  • Develop communication and cooperation skills with their fellow classmates.
  • Express the feelings of their new class and their new school.
  • Practice the discipline of their class from pleasant activities and games.

Children that attend Primary School

Children that are attending primary school and will continue to do so with the new school year, will have the chance within these workshops to:

  • Cultivate intellectual skills to build up knowledge, and extend thinking skills.
  • Learn to accept different views and to seek alternative ways of resolving problems
  • Link learning experiences with personal interests by developing social skills.
  • Work in groups in resolving problems with the use computers
  • prepare for the courses e- Kids and ECDL through the educational program FUNecole®

Graduates of Primary School to Secondary School

The workshop, gives teenagers that have just graduated from primary school, the possibility to:

  • Develop skills which promote the creativity, innovation, problem solving and the development of applications.
  • Experience stimulus which promote the exploration, experimentation, flexibility and ingenuity
  • Come into contact with feelings, that stimulate their self-esteem and prepare for the most demanding environment of secondary school.
  • Prepare and sit examinations in a of module ECDL (windows or word).

Digipro® has developed its own educational program, FUNecole® and also holds its Intellectual property rights around the world.

Funecole® is the number one best European practice in the 27 countries of the European Union. It is an integrated teaching and analytical program that starts from the first grade of primary school and is completed in the sixth grade. Funecole® promotes innovation & creativity and the development of skills in order to use computers. Funecole® is used by dozens of schools in countries of the European Union and has been translated in four languages.

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