GCE A/AS Level Computing - May/June 2012 Results!

Friday, 24 August 2012, 16:26

Many congratulations to our students for their remarkable achievements in May/June 2012 Cambridge International Examinations. The majority have managed to secure top grades placing themselves amongst Cyprus top grade earners in GCE A/AS level Computing. Digipro Training Centre's students have overall landed another excellent academic year by achieving higher grades among other British Council's private institutes in both Paphos, Limassol and Nicosia!

These results reflect their hard work, commitment and high calibre as students. We are proud for choosing us as their mentors throughout their ICT education cycle starting with FUNecole® during their primary schools years, continuing with their ECDL certificate, the IGCSE Computer Studies level and finally the GCE A/AS Computing level at their high school years. During their whole ICT education cycle Digipro Training Centre has strived to provide solid and professional guidance and facilitation of knowledge and will continue to do so for years to come.

Quick Stats:

  • Digipro students achieved two (2) A* and eight (8) A grades in A Level Computing, where the rest private institutes of Paphos (British Council/CY008) achieved zero (0) A* and zero (0) A grades combined.
  • Private institutes of Limassol (British Council/CY004) have only managed to achieve zero (0) A* and 1 (A) grades combined.
  • Private institutes of Nicosia (British Council/CY006), even with the largest pool of students, have achieved just one (1) A* and nine 9 (A) grades combined.
  • In AS Level Computing Digipro students achieved eight (8) A grades, where the rest private institutes of Paphos (British Council/CY008) achieved two (2) A combined and Limassol's institutes (British Council/CY004), with a largest pool of students, achieved six (A) grades combined.

Digipro Training Centre Results:

GCE A Level Computing (9691)

GCE AS Level Computing (9691)

A/ACandidate NumberGrade AchievedPUM
1 4535  A*93%
2 4546  A*91%
3 4558A89%
4 4529A87%
5 4530A86%
6 4549A83%
7 4556A82%
8 4554A80%
9 4539A80%
10 4536A80%
11 4548B78%
12 4562C63%
13 4547E40%
Grades A* to A Percentage:77%
Passing Percentage:100%
A/ACandidate NumberGrade AchievedPUM
1 4545A 88%
2 4534A 87%
3 4537A 87%
44563 A 86%
5 4542A 83%
6 4552A 82%
7 4484A 81%
8 4893A pnd.
9 4557B 77%
10 4531B 75%
11 4538B 72%
Grades A to C Percentage:70%
Passing Percentage:100%
Note: The A* Grade exists only in A Level

Centre: CY008 / British Council Paphos
Examination Body: University of Cambridge International Examinations

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