e-Tourism Strategies Seminar

Monday, 11 April 2011, 14:33

Customer engagement online and management of web 2.0 channels.

Days : 23 - 24 May 2011
Hours : 08:15 – 17:15 
Duration : Two Days
Location : Elias Beach Hotel/ Limassol
Available participants: 25
Instructors:  Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

Rationale / Aim of this Program:

This expert seminar offers strategies for using Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for strategic management and marketing of hospitality and tourism organizations, towards maximizing their sustainable competitiveness and profitability. It contains the latest research and management techniques to maximize the benefits of ICTs for hospitality and tourism organizations.

During the seminar their will be demonstrations on how to reengineer all business processes in order to take advantage of these capabilities. It takes into consideration the Web 2.0 environment and the user generated content– especially in terms of reviews for hotels and hospitality forums and explores how hoteliers and tourism managers should respond to the emergent challenges. There will be demonstration on how to automate and integrate business data to achieve a proactive and reactive environment to external trends and use ICTs to prepare for market challenges.

The seminar will demonstrate how hospitality and tourism organizations can use ICTs intelligently for wealth creation and how each they can develop ICT enabled partnerships towards maximizing their collective competitiveness and profitability.


Who should attend?

This seminar addresses the gifts and benefits of eTourism and the ability to use ICTs for competitive advantage profitability and competitiveness.

It is targeted primarily for the private sector owners/managers. The seminar will demonstrate to participants how ICT can be utilised for strengthening the organisation.

Particularly, this expert seminar will offer valuable insight to hospitality, tourism and travel executive professionals, hospitality tourism and travel managers who are in change of strategic management, marketing and ICT technological development.

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