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ODS addresses various challenges that face the eLearning environment in the European context. The interface has been designed with students, teachers, parents and policy makers in mind. ODS will fulfill three principal objectives. Firstly, it will empower stakeholders through a single, integrated access point for eLearning resources from dispersed educational repositories. Secondly, it engages stakeholders in the production of meaningful educational activities by using a social-network style multilingual portal, offering eLearning resources as well as services for the production of educational activities. Thirdly, it will assess the impact of the new educational activities, which could serve as a prototype to be adopted by stakeholders in school education.

Innovative Aspects

Introducing a "pull" rather than "push" approach in the modernisation of school education!

The Open Discovery Space project is bringing innovation to three key areas:
1. Proposing innovative ways to encourage educational communities to use eLearning resources and exchange their experience and views on ease of use and quality of those resources.
2. Proposing an innovative educational design and an educational metadata organisation scheme. These measures will seek to exploit the elements of the learning context in eLearning resources (i.e., educational objectives, pedagogical models, learners’ personal characteristics and needs, etc), as well as the teachers’ competence profiles (knowledge, skills and attitudes) making it possible to measure and assess the impact of eLearning resources ON schools both in terms of learning outcomes and learning activities.
3. Proposing innovative solutions that could remove linguistic and cultural barriers, improving the ease of use in existing repositories in order to deliver relevant Learning Resources to teachers, students and parents more effectively.

Expected Results

Upon the completion of this project, Open Discovery Space will have contributed to the modernisation of school education, supported stakeholders in acquiring digital competences, stimulated demand for innovative eLearning resources and engaged teachers and pupils in the development of innovative educational practices. Crucially, this project will strengthen European integration by increasing cooperation across state borders, bringing together different cultures and supporting multi-lingual practices

For more information visit http://www.opendiscoveryspace.eu/

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