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inspire ICT

INSPIRE ICT stands for Inspiring Professional Lifelong Excellence in ICT Teacher Development INSPIRE ICT was a Transfer of Innovation Project (TOI) that was coordinated by Digipro and included partners from Greece, Romania and Estonia.

INSPIRE-ICT project main objectives were to:

  • → Inspire teacher’s digital skills and lifelong competence development in 4 EU countries
  • → Promote usage of comprehensive approaches in context–based learning and inquiry-based techniques that infuse technology into the curriculum and across all disciplines.
  • → Train the teachers in how to facilitate new forms of learning that extent beyond teaching basic ICT skills and cultivate the thinking processes thus powerfully leading their students to the “Learning to Learn” paradigm.

INSPIRE-ICT brought together technology experts, master trainers and educators from various educational European institutions. The INSPIRE-ICT focused in providing training to primary school teachers in how to support the distribution and further development of innovative ICT-based pedagogical instruction. INSPIRE-ICT aimed to enhance the co-operation between training institutes and schools throughout Europe that very successfully resulted in the development of dynamic learning environments and communities.

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