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The aim of the A and AS Level Computing syllabus is to develop an understanding of how computers are used to solve a wide range of problems. Students learn about a variety of different computers, and also look at the ways in which computers are organised in terms of software, data, hardware, communications and people. Students develop the skills necessary to apply their understanding to the development of computer-based solutions. As they progress, students learn about the main principles of systems analysis and design, looking at different methods of problem formulation, and the planning of solutions. They also consider systematic methods of solution implementation, testing and documentation.

Subject Specifications:

  • Examination Body: Cambridge International Examinations
  • Subject Code: 9691
  • Components:
    1. Computer Systems, communications and software (AS - Year 1)
    2. Practical Programming Techniques (AS - Year 1)
    3. Systems software mechanisms, machine architecture, database theory, programming paradigms and integrated information systems (A2 - Year 2)
    4. Computing Project (A2 - Year 2)
  • Examinations: Twice a year on May and October

Subject Structure:

  • Academic Year: 2013-14
  • Duration: AS (1 year) / A2 (1 year)
  • Weekly Schedule: Monday - Thursday
    • AS: 14:30 - 16:00
    • A2: 16:00 - 17:30
  • Examination Dates: May/June 2014

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