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  • GCE A Level

    GCE A Level Computing

    The aim of this course is to enable students to develop an understanding of how computers are used to solve a wide range of problems and explore the ways in which computers are organised in terms of software, data, hardware, communications and people...

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    Computer Studies

    IGCSE Computer Studies

    Through this course students develop an appreciation of the range and power of computer applications and solve problems using computing. Their studies include systems analysis, algorithm design and programming concepts. An ideal foundation for studies at A Level...

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  • GCE A Level
    Business Studies

    GCE A Level Business Studies

    This course enables students to understand the nature and scope of business in a society. It covers economic, environmental, ethical, governmental, legal, social and technological issues, and encourages a critical understanding of organisations and the markets they serve...

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  • ECDL
    Core & Expert

    ECDL Core & Expert

    ECDL is an internationally recognized standard of competence, a widely acceptable certificate that asserts that the holder has the knowledge and skills needed to use the most common computer applications efficiently and productively in the workplace and at home.

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  • FUNecole® -

    FUNecole® eKids

    Aim of this course is to introduce primary students to new technologies and gradually develop their ICT skills, emphasizing on creative learning and innovative thinking. Empowered by Digipro's FUNecole® programme which was awarded the first prize in EU Best Practices...

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  • Business Training ICT Solutions

    ICT Foundation Adult Courses

    A variety of customised and on demand ICT courses appropriate for individuals, seeking an introduction or further expertise on new technologies, and for businesses looking to establish the essential ICT skills to their human resource. Courses emphasize on Microsoft Technologies...

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