European Projects

  • Inspire ICT

    Inspire ICT eu Project

    Inspire ICT was a Transfer of Innovation Project (TOI) that was coordinated by Digipro and included partners from Greece, Romania and Estonia. INSPIRE-ICT brought together technology experts, master trainers and educators from various educational European institutions.

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  • i-Set

    i-Set eu Project

    i-SeT project objectives were to validate the pan European market potential and develop an integrated business plan for the i-SeT solution which addresses the needs of small and medium-sized hospitality organizations (SMHOs) in the tourism sector.

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  • smE-MPOWER

    smE-Mpower eu Project

    SmE-MPOWER stands for enabling small and medium-sized enterprises and how they gain access to European Union research, development and innovation grants and funding. The project aimed at assisting SMEs with their R&D activities.

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  • KLAB

    k-LAB eu Project

    KLAB (Knowledge & Learning Among Business) is an innovative e-learning service that exploits the reality and need of SME managers to learn from peers. It does so by offering a web-based service that includes elements of structured learning.

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