Digipro® Franchises

Running your own show but not on your own!

What it means to be a Digipro franchisee

Being part of a Digipro franchise operation reduces the entrepreneurial risk one needs to take as a start up business. Digipro provides a worldwide support network and offers personalized professional guidance every step of the way.

Business advantages:

  • Start-up assistance: Digipro provides a range of personalized management and assistance services that guide franchisees from not wasting their resources by making beginner's mistakes
  • Business plans: Digipro assists franchisees in defining their marketing and investment goals.
  • Management assistance: Digipro dynamic network of support services allows franchisees to enjoy dynamic management assistance.
  • Promotional assistance: Through a special cooperative advertising fund, Digipro offers professional promotional and advertising assistance.

Marketing advantages:

  • Name recognition: Digipro‚Äôs FUNecole Creative Learning Environment is an internationally acknowledged and respected brand, that allows franchisees to begin with a strong position in the market via name recognition
  • Minimum risk: Our franchises are guided by experienced business people with a vested interest in your success
  • Expert training: Our intensive training courses prepare franchisees with the highest level of organizational, administrative and pedagogic know-how