About Digipro®

Digipro at a glance

Digipro® was established in Cyprus in 1990. Digipro® enables organizations to improve business performance, develop their systems and offer their people lifelong training and motivation. We encompass a wealth of expertise in Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs), Business Consulting, Executive Education and ICT hands-on workshops. We are a learning design organization involved in educational program research and development using technology as a platform for Enhanced Learning.

Mission Statement

Provide specialized and innovative services that are primarily focused on continuous development and total quality assurance.

Nature and History of our organization

Digipro® is focusing all efforts on the provision of excellent services that offer real value to all customers. Digipro‚Äôs services integrate processes, people, ideas and work to create new kinds of business designs that offer true business value. The unique tools and methodologies that Digipro® has developed are applicable to a virtually unlimited number of business issues and contexts.

The Digipro® Research Team is participating on a number of European projects and constantly attends numerous seminars and conferences in Europe and the USA. Digipro has a track record of 21 years training experience of all ages and levels of study, from six years old and upwards.

Digipro® is the developer of FUNecole® Creative Learning Environment which is included as number one best practice by European Commission, JRC, IPTS & DG Education & Culture in their comprehensive report on innovation and creativity in education.

Digipro® is the publisher of the FUNecole® Step By Step educational portfolio series. FUNecole® participates in numerous educational fairs and conferences in order to expand the usage of the product in schools.


  • • Executive Education Seminars
  • • Computer Training Centre
  • • Hands-on ICT & Technical Workshops
  • • Consulting & Coaching Services
  • • Educational Product Development
  • • ICT Consulting and Deployment