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FUNecole® Creative Learning Environment

FUNecole® Creative Learning Environment

FUNecole® learning environment integrates educational tools and cross curricular instruction that develop ICT, Social Skills, Thinking Skills, Science, Literacy, Philosophy and Languages skills for primary schools students over a period of six (6) academic years. FUNecole® challenges the traditional pedagogies that depend only on textbooks and handouts by introducing four web enabled platforms that built connections and offer support to all stakeholders:

The “Student Learning and Sharing™” platform provides students with access to interactive learning media, ICT and thinking skills development recourses, user generated content and communication tools.

The “Teacher Development ™” platform offer teachers web–based learning plans, games, plethora of teaching recourses and ICT tools

The “School Administration™” platform enables schools to have access to a holistic learning management system.

The “Parent Active Collaboration™” platform engages the involvement of parents in the learning process.

FUNecole® is supported by 18 student portfolios that serve as a body of evidence that demonstrates student′s work ISBN series 9963–9162–0–1

FUNecole® is accompanied by a family of cartoon characters that represent different thinking styles and personalities. During “The 6 year FUNecole® Journey of Knowledge™ these characters accompany and inspire students using FUN stories, games, and interactive web enabled recourses.

All FUNecole® tools and recourses are available in English, Greek Romanian and Estonian and are supplied to both public and private primary schools in 4 European countries. FUNecole® was analysed as a best practice in “Creative and Innovative Good practices in Europe” report by European Commission, JRC, IPTS & DG Education & Culture.

For more information visit the FUNecole website: FUNecole.com

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