Effective Social Media and eTourism Strategies for Hospitality and Tourism Completed

Dates: 10 and 11 Dec 2012
Hours: 08:15 - 17:15
Available Seats: 25
Location: Paphos
Venue: Aloe Hotel
Cost Per Participant:€2700
Seminar Cost:HRDA

HRDA - Price Table

Small Enterprises
1-49 Employees
Medium Enterprises
50-249 Employees
Large Enterprises
250+ Employees
1 Participant - €280 2 Participants - €480 3 Participants - €680
1 Participants - €590 2 Participants - €990 3 Participants - €1290
1 Participants - €950 2 Participants - €1350 3 Participants - €1550

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Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus

Program Rationale

Social media have changed the rules of engagement with consumers and organizations need to appreciate the new realities in communicating and managing their online brand. This seminar is based on strategic management and marketing and demonstrate how to use social media and other technology tools to support hospitality and tourism managers in order to enhance their competitiveness and profitability in the future.

This expert seminar offers strategies for using social media and other Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for strategic management and marketing of hospitality and tourism organizations, towards maximizing their sustainable competitiveness and profitability. It contains the latest research and management techniques to maximize the benefits of ICTs for hospitality and tourism organizations. It focuses on social media and engagement techniques for interactivity whilst is looking into new emerging technologies and applications.

Target Audience

This seminar addresses the gifts and benefits of eTourism and the ability to use ICTs for competitive advantage profitability and competitiveness.

It is targeted primarily for the private sector owners/managers. The seminar will demonstrate to participants how ICT can be utilised for strengthening the organisation.

Particularly, this expert seminar will offer valuable insight to hospitality, tourism and travel executive professionals, hospitality tourism and travel managers who are in change of strategic management, marketing and ICT technological development.

Program Objectives

The first day objectives:

Participants will explore Social Media and eTourism concepts and developments:

  • Identify the tourism organisation stakeholders and explore how the uses of ICT can boost the entire industry and economy.
  • Demonstrate how ICT developments have a profound impact on organisations.
  • Define the eTourism concept from a private sector perspective.
  • Understand the sources of competitiveness for hospitality organisations.
  • Explore how technology can support hotels and tourism to create memorable experiences.
  • Explore how hoteliers can promote their brand name.
  • Demonstrate how to take advantage in the Web 2.0 environment.
  • Exhibit ways of ICT usage to satisfy the customers of the future.

The second day objectives:

Participants will explore the Dynamic Customer Engagement, Experience And Interactivity:

  • Understand the sources of competitiveness for hospitality organisations.
  • Explore how technology can support hotels and tourism to create memorable experiences.
  • Creating Co-creation and Memorable experiences.
  • Explore how hoteliers can take protect their brand and take advantage in the Web 2.0 environment.
  • Learn how to build customer experiences and holistic solutions.
  • Use new technologies to satisfy the customers of the future.
  • Generate and distribute consumer generated content.
  • Make their customers their own brand ambassadors.
  • Locate and target their audience from different platforms.
  • Use Social Media and Real time Service.
  • Use Augmented Reality applications.
  • Explore how ICTs can integrate their entire industry.
  • Debate some key issues for the future of hospitality and the role of ICTs.

All participating hospitality and tourism organizations are entitled for an in house visit and consultation by the expert seminar leader. During this visit they will have the opportunity for a private consulting session during which they will be able to discuss issues on how to:

  • Realise how their organisations can take advantage of Web 2.0 and the Social Media applications.
  • Develop their own eTourism online branding strategy that will take them in the Web 2.0 era.
  • Develop action plans for maximising the engagement of all stakeholders by using all available platforms and applications.

Program Outline


8:00 − 8:15 / Arrival and registration


Seminar overview.

9:15 − 10:15 / Theory

  • The importance of technology for hotels
  • From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0

10:15 − 10:30 / Break

10:30 − 11:30 /practicing skills exercise: Generate Content for online Presence

  • Explore the online presence of hotels
  • Identify additional content to be created
  • Adding value through content

11:30 − 12:45

  1. From blog to tweeter, to facebook to tripadvisor
  2. How social media can help you achieve ultimate goals

12:45 − 14:00 / LUNCH

14:00 − 16:00 / Theory

  • How social media can help you achieve ultimate goals
  • Coordinate Social Media Management for Hospitality and Tourism
  • Tripadvisor management
  • Respond to reviews of tripadvisor
  • Manage hospitality brand across all channels

16:00 − 16:15 / Break

16:15 − 17:15 / Practicing skills exercise : Managing reviews and tripadvisor reports

  • Identify online reviews
  • Create mock answers for reviews
  • Identify processes for answering reviews
  • Using reviews to improve online brand and reputation

8:15 − 8:30 / Arrival and registration


9:15 − 10:15

  • Consumer connectivity and interactivity
  • The connected consumer and the prosumer concept
  • Different social media in different countries
  • Using technology to satisfy customers of the future
  • The value of direct online relationships

10:15 − 10:30 / Break

10:30 − 11:30 / Practicing skills exercise: Engage Consumers

  • User Generated Content
  • Consumers as ambassadors
  • Competitions, Campaigns, Engagement

11:30 − 12:45

  • From consumer to prosumer
  • Co creation as part of the customer experience

12:45 − 14:00 / LUNCH

14:00 − 16:00

  • Generating Memorable experiences
  • Build experiences and holistic solutions

16:00 − 16:15 / Break

16:15 − 17:15 / Practicing skills exercise: Create Memorable Experiences

  • Creation of memorable experiences
  • Creating photo opportunities
  • Communicate of memorable experiences

Training Methodology

Participants will be guided in a very concise and condensed way, both on the strategic side of ICTs and the practical applications of eTourism tools. They will gain inside knowledge in eTourism capabilities and approaches as well as appreciate the proactive and reactive strategies that ICTs can empower for hospitality and tourism organizations.

There will be demonstrations of:

  • Best case examples from around the world.
  • Social media platforms, applications and networks.
  • eTourism applications and platforms.
  • ICT implementation in numerous hospitality and tourism organisations worldwide, but with a European focus.
  • Unique lessons learned from both successes and failures with real-life worldwide examples.

This is going to be a highly interactive seminar that will enable participants to explore further social media and ICT potential for their businesses.

Post Program Activities

By Professor Dimitrios Buhalis

Following the workshop there will be an on-site visit to each of the attending businesses. This amounts to high-level consulting advice that is tailored to the specific needs of the destinations and the firm, and may be discussed in full confidentiality rather than in the open forum of the workshop.

  • A more in-depth analysis of specific issues that are present at the specific company or organisation.
  • Online reputation audit.
  • Application of the lessons learned during the workshop to those issues and in particular the personal action plans of the participants to the workshop.
  • Examination of online brand and examine contributors of reputation.
  • Social media analysis.
  • Develop in further detail the personal and company actions identified during the workshop.
  • Explore how the business strategy is reflected in web strategy.
  • Discuss implementation issues, including how to integrate eTourism based solutions.
  • Demonstrate how the raise the online profile.
  • Explain how to engage with consumer for user generated content.
  • Suggest strategies to develop Web 2.0.

The four hours intra company consulting will be offered by Professor Dimitrios Buhalis, who will subsequently write a brief report summarising the main discussion points and including recommendations and suggestions for further consideration by the management.


Each course participant that has successfully attended the course will be awarded with a certificate signifying their participation in the course. The certificate will clearly state that the present course was approved by the HRDAuth, as a Vital Importance Course.