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Using the STEAM approach for developing the 21st century smart skill set.

Dates: Upon request
Hours: 8 Hours
Location: School Premises

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Short Description

Designing holistic educational lesson plans using comprehensive approaches that truly involve students in deep learning experiences. Integrating Art with Engineering Science and Technology. Create learning experiences. Developing STEM lessons. Plan for all-inclusive lessons; choose the right device, digital recourses and pedagogies for deep learning experiences.

This exclusive workshop will enable teachers to engage students in hands-on inquiry, open-ended exploration, productive teamwork while focusing on real-world issues and problems.

Learn how to nurture trans-disciplinary approaches to learning by learning how to use the Engineering design process of STEAM lessons. During this workshop, there going to be presentations plethora STEAM lessons that offer rich possibilities for creative learning for all school levels.

Seminar Faculty

Chryso Christodoulou

Chryso  Christodoulou

Ms. Chryso Christodoulou is the founder of FUNecole® Research Institute and the co-founder of Digipro Education Ltd. Her academic background is…