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Developing Disruptive, Innovative and ICT-Rich Learning Environments - Presenting the 21st century learning habitat, reimagining schools, rethinking

Dates: Upon request
Hours: 8 Hours
Location: School Premises

How to apply

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Short Description

This valuable workshop will enable teachers to develop a focused, disruptive pedagogical vision for learning using technology.

During the course, there will be demonstrations using flipped, differentiated, parallel and integrated classroom instruction. There will be presentations and specific school related case studies on how to use discovery-oriented, contextual, problem-oriented teaching practices. There will also be presentations engage in creative and inspiring learning with Mobile Tech. There will also be instruction on how to teach for all types of literacies, and for collaborative learning and problem solving techniques that disrupt existing traditional educational methods with innovative ICT – Rich Learning Environments.

Seminar Faculty

Chryso Christodoulou

Chryso  Christodoulou

Ms. Chryso Christodoulou is the founder of FUNecole® Research Institute and the co-founder of Digipro Education Ltd. Her academic background is…